Special Effects for Independent Films

It often takes a team of people who have individual specialities to pull off a great special effects scene. A makeup artist can turn an actor into a zombie, but may not know how to blow its brains out.  A special effects artist can handle the head shot, but you'll also need a stunt coordinator if you want the dead zombie to fall out a window!

Siren Productions Media is known for doing stage and screen projects that involve a lot of special makeup, practical effects, fights, and stunts. For years our members and affiliates have been working their magic for other productions as well.  We understand that these departments often work very closely together, and that by packaging our services we are able to offer much more to a production than any of us would as individuals. 

We believe that you don't need a Hollywood-sized budget to have great special effects in a film. Many members of our team have worked as directors or producers, so we really understand the stress involved with putting together a project on a small budget. We work closely with our clients and can usually suggest options for makeups, special effects, and stunts that look great on camera for a reasonable price.

Our workshop is based in Ormond Beach (Central Florida area) but we are  available to travel anywhere within the continental USA to work on a production. 

For more information on any of our services, or just to say hello, email us at SirenSPFX@gmail.com

 Makeup artist Nicole Sweeney puts the finishing touches on a victim.

Practical effects artist Shiva Rodriguez working with nature surroundings.

Stunt coordinator D. Duckie Rodriguez demonstrating a shovel hit during a lecture.

Effects artist Lowrie Fawley donning a wolf skin for some creature puppeteering.

Makeup artist Brad Hunter with a zombie on set.

Makeup artist (and crash test dummy) Garith Pettibone enjoying a quiet moment.

 Packing up the "Murder-mobile" for another gruesome adventure!